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Hoodie Crew Steals $1,650 from Huntington Target

By Mitch Baxter


Two members of a brazen crime group called the "hoodie crew" loaded up their shopping carts and boldly walked out of the Huntington Station Target with over $1,650 worth of merchandise last month.


The crime occurred at 8:45AM, according to Suffolk County Police Second Squad detectives. 


The Target store is located at 124 East Jericho Turnpike, in Huntington Station, just east of Route 110 and New York Avenue. 


The hoodie-wearing thugs were dubbed "Body Bag" and "Diamond Face" by a local Public Safety officer.


The crime photos were posted on numerous social media sites, where one internet wag named "Dee Cat" wrote on the Crime Stoppers' Facebook page: "Looks like a body wrapped up in a rug - LOL..." 


Unlike other other recent shoplifting and robbery incidents in Huntington, these two thieves failed to use their government-approved Covid-mask disguise. Police are now employing camera footage and facial-recognition software to try to identify the two.


Suffolk County Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward for information which leads to their arrest.


Anyone with information can claim the reward by calling 1-800-220-TIPS, utilizing a mobile app which can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play by searching P3 Tips, or online at


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