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Huntington Alleyway Clean-Up

By Niall Fitzgerald

The derelict, garbage-strewn and graffiti-marred alleyway in downtown Huntington, between New York Avenue and New Street , has finally gotten a clean-up and make-over, thanks to volunteers from the 1653 Foundation, the Huntington Chamber of Commerce, the Townwide Fund, and the Huntington Business Improvement District.

Until this year, the Town of Huntington would not even approve the volunteer repairs, until former Town Attorney Deborah Misir made it a priority and got the legal approvals moving.

The plan is remake the alleyway into a mini-park, with trees, beches, tables, and local artists displaying their artwork.

Last week, the volunteers were on the site, and crews from Asplundh and National Grid operated mini bulldozers to level the ground and haul away debris.

The volunteers painted over the graffiti, raked up garbage, and began to turn a nasty alleyway, into a pleasant sitting area for local residents.

"It is a great project," stated Bob Bontempi, a leader in the Huntington Chamber and the 1653 Project. " We are looking forward to when perople who used to take the long way might walk an extra block to experience the Artistv Alley."


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