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Huntington Drug Dealers Jailed in Fentanyl Death

By Nolan Cleary

Two drug dealers from Huntington sold lethal fentanyl - masked as oxycodone - that killed a 23-year old East Northport woman. Now both have been sentenced to prison.

Qhamel Dickerson and Rashied Smith were sentenced by the Suffolk County Court for selling fentanyl to a 23 year old woman from East Northport, which led to her overdose and eventual death. Dickerson was sentenced to five years in prison.

"The victim’s cell phone, found at the scene, contained text messages between the victim" and the drug dealers, stated Suffolk DA Ray Tierney. "And Dickerson agreed to sell the victim the illicit pills."

"On July 4, 2022, they [Dickerson and Smith] met with the victim and sold her counterfeit pills," noted Tierney. "They bore the color, shape, and markings of oxycodone, but contained fentanyl instead.”

Dickerson used the same number to get in contact with a detective at the Suffolk County Police Department while undercover. There, he sold the detective counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl, leading to his arrest in September.

"The fentanyl epidemic has claimed the lives of two more innocent women,' added DA Tierney "And the unfortunate reality is that this problem will continue to worsen without action."


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