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Huntington HS Student Wins Scholarship

By Nolan Cleary

A Huntington High School student was recently named the winner of the 2021 Kurt Schaefer Memorial Scholarship. Yolani Cabrera took home the top title, as announced by the school district.

"Reading a success story is always an inspiring experience, and few can match Yolani Cabrera's," said the spokesman for Huntington High School. "She began kindergarten not knowing a word of English, but since then, the Huntington High School senior has worked incredibly hard and compiled an impressive record along the way."

Cabrera, along with teacher Eileen Gonzalez helped to form an internship that included a class for English as a new language. Cabrera also partnered with Friends of the Huntington Station Latin Quarter on a new internship with the group's, Xavier Palacios, who is an elected member of the Huntington School Board.

Cabrera plans to attend City University of New York – John Jay College of Criminal Justice. A $1,200 stipend is included in the scholarship.


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