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Huntington Lifts Mask Mandates

By Maureen Daly Town of Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth (R) announced on Wednesday that all mask mandates and temperature checks have been lifted at Huntington Town facilities, effective immediately. The ending of the mask mandates applies to all township facilities, including Town Hall, the Town park facilities, the Town ice skating rink, and working spaces such as the Highway Department and Marine bureau vehicles and storage facilities.. "Effective immediately the Town of Huntington will no longer require masks or temperature checks to enter any town facilities,” stated Smyth. Smyth's announcement came one day before New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D-Buffalo) issued a statewide repeal of the mask mandate on Thursday. Local officials upstate and in Nassau County - most notably Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman - had been revoking the state mask mandates in their counties under their health authority in recent weeks. Hochul has insisted, however, that the statewide forced masking of schoolchildren shall continue. Hochul is in a highly contested Democratic primary for Governor this year, and has promised the powerful teachers unions - who want to mask children as a way to control the classrooms - that she will keep school children forcibly masked. Hochul imposed forced child masking last August, when she took office. Her predecessor, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, had previously removed the child masking mandate, stating that "the science and the medicine do not support masking of children." Hochul has been charged with "child abuse" by numerous parent groups. Medical studies show that forced child masking causes medical and social damage to children, by stunting their natural development, artificially raising their blood CO2 levels, and stifling them psychologically. Child masking is tied to a huge increase in child depression, drug abuse, psychological problems, and the dramatic lowering of children's IQ levels. Over 100,000 Americans - mostly young people - now die each year from drug overdoses. The NY statewide forced child mask mandate will remain in schools "until at least early March," stated Hochul, and has threatened any school or school administrator who refuses to forcibly mask children with "arrest and criminal prosecution.".


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