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Huntington Man Guilty in Bloody Stabbing Murder

By Mark Demetropoulos


A Huntington man pled guilty to the bloody stabbing murder of another man, on Oakwood Road in Huntington, and is facing up to 30 years in prison.


Candelario Cordova, age 54 pled guilty before Supreme Court Judge John Collins to First Degree Manslaughter against Roque Cisneros, age 58, and Second Degree Attempted Murder against Cisneros’ wife.


Cordova and Cisneros were “friends” and co-workers, however, that friendship ended on February 16, 2023 as Cordova stabbed Cisneros to death.


The deadly evening started out cordially, as Cordova and Cisneros were sitting together in Cordova’s SUV, parked in Huntington.


Cisneros’ wife saw them in the car and wanted her husband to leave the car, when suddenly Cordova drove away with Cisneros in the car.


Cisneros’ wife got into her car and followed them. According to testimony –which includes Cordova’s guilty plea – Cordova parked his car at a corner on Oakwood Road in Huntington.  He then went to his trunk and pulled out a long knife, opened the passenger side of the SUV, and started stabbing Cisneros in the body and neck.


Cisenros’ wife had followed them and got out of her car and tried to stop Cordova. But Cardova then started to stab her.


Several motorists stopped their cars and intervened to stop Cordova’s attack on Cisenros’ wife. Soon after the Suffolk County Police Department arrived and arrested Cordova.


As a result of the multiple stab wounds, Cisneros was pronounced dead by the first responders. His wife survived after she was sent to Huntington Hospital for treatment.


Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney announced that Cordova had pled guilty, and will return to court on June 30, 2024, for sentencing. Cordova faces a possible thirty year prison sentence.


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