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Huntington Raising Fees on Town Residents

By Chris O'Neill


Huntington residents and homeowners are going to see large fee increases from the Town, as various fees for licenses, applications, park facilities and property inspections are being increased by anywhere from 20%, to over 100%.


"Costs have gone up," stated Huntington Supervisor Ed Smyth (R-Lloyd Harbor), who proposed and voted for the large fee increases.


Residential building permit fees are being increased by 25%, and change of zone applications by residents are being doubled - a 100% increase.  Pool passes for Huntington families are going up 20%; and children's ice skating entry fees are going up 15%.


Smyth stated that the fee increases on residents will bring the Town an extra $1.4 million in revenues. These revenues will pay for salary increases for certain town employees, according to the Town's Parks Director. 


Also increasing are permit fees for legalizing a finished basement or attic, and fees for home fire safety permits. 


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