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Huntington Shuts-Down Notorious “Crack House”

by Priya Persaud

After months of gang activity, open gunfire and continuous complaints of drug dealing by local residents, the Town of Huntington successfully boarded up and shuttered a notorious “Crack House” on July 2nd.

The Crack House, located at 50 Teed Street, Huntington, had been the subject of many concerned residents’ reports to the Suffolk Police and the Department of Public Safety in Huntington.

This past January the neighborhood became a free-fire zone, as nighttime attackers fired more than 40 bullets into the two-family house. Suffolk County police described the gun attack as a “wild west drive-by shooting.”

Neighbors reported various speeding cars visiting the property to openly deal drugs, and there was constant frequent trash littering.

In response to these horrific incidents, the Huntington Town Board held an emergency public hearing on May 11th, and declared the property a “public nuisance.”

Great job by Town Code Enforcement Inspectors… and the 2nd Precinct Crime Squad,” declared Huntington Supervisor Chad Lupinacci (R-South Huntington) adding that “The Town of Huntington’s Departments of Public Safety, led by Joe Cirigliano, and General Services, led by Andre Sorrentino, boarded up the house at 50 Teed Street today, and the Suffolk County Police executed an arrest warrant for all illegal occupants.”

Arrested inside the Crack House was a woman, Isharray Herring, age 25, who was found squatting inside the house by Suffolk Police. Herring was arrested and charged with trespassing. She also had drug paraphernalia scattered around.


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