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Is Covid-19 a Bio-Weapon ?

This past week, US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the US National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases, about the NIH funding of "Gain of Function" research at the Wuhan Laboratories in China. Paul cited recently-released records about such research being done on Corona viruses from bats - the source of Covid-19 - by Dr. Ralph Baric of NIH, with the Wuhan Labs. "Gain of Function" is a lab process of collecting already dangerous viruses and then making them even more dangerous, by manipulating the virus proteins to make it more infectious, or deadly, or both. The fact that Covid-19 originated at Wuhan, and that the Chinese government has kept the origins of Covid a secret, raises terrifying questions. Most troubling is the almost complete lack of media or political interest in a question about something that has killed 600,000 Americans, and over 3 million across the globe. Bio-warfare is nothing new. In the Middle Ages, siege armies would catapult the corpses of people dead of bubonic plague over city walls to infect the defenders. In the 19th century American West, troops gave blankets infected with Smallpox to hostile Indian tribes, to sicken and kill them. And bio-warfare has been a staple of literature and cinema for over a century: HG Wells' "The War of the Worlds;" Tom Clancy's novel "Executive Orders" (about a bio attack from Iran); the film "Omega Man" (about survivors of germ warfare); all deal with the tactics and horrors of bio-warfare. The "racial disparity" of the deaths from Covid should raise alarms. Not the relatively small differences between white, black and Hispanic death rates in America - that have vexed so many of our media. But the massive disparity between death rates of East Asian countries, and everyone else. Compare the Covid death totals by country: China 4,636; Japan 11,850; S Korea 1,896; N Korea 0; Taiwan 11; Laos 2; Vietnam 37; Philippines 18,714; Cambodia 137; Thailand 570; Singapore 31; Mongolia 214; Hong Kong 209; Indonesia 45,334; USA 601,034; Brazil 434,852; France 107,423; Germany 86,669; Italy 124,063; England 127,668; India 270,319; Mexico 220,380; Colombia 80,790; On a per capita basis, East Asians are dying at rates 20 times less that of Non-East Asians. That is not a statistical "blip." It screams that the virus has massively unequal kill rates - and kills people of different races very differently. That is the signature of a bio-weapon. Like smallpox in the Americas, it kills the "enemy" far more that it hurts your own people. Are there other possible explanations ? Perhaps prior exposure and immunity to corona viruses ? Or something in the diet ? Or something cultural in the individual precautions ? Or perhaps genetic differences that mitigate Covid are just coincidental ?

Our political, media and medical establishments have been dead silent about these profoundly disturbing and existential questions. It's time to demand some answers.


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