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Jeff Pravato for Oyster Bay Receiver of Taxes

Jeff Pravato has served for the past four years as Oyster Bay Receiver of Taxes. He has done an outstanding job with his office - while going beyond his job to truly serve the community.

Pravato previously served as the Mayor of the Village Massapequa Park and for over 20 years as a finance executive, bringing incredible depth and experience to the Town.

That experience has been invaluable to Oyster Bay's residents, as he streamlined and modernized the Tax Office, to better serve the public. He regularly sends helpful tips and reminders, holds special extended tax days, and instills in his staff a spirit of helpfulness.

Pravato doesn't just stop there: He is out in the bay - shoveling oyster spat seedlings to "seed the bay" with baby oysters; He is out front in defense of Oyster Bay's Jewish residents in these dangerous times; He stood up to stop Governor Kathy Hochul's nightmare "mass housing" plan; and he even survived a harrowing attack in crime-infested New York City.

The Leader endorses Jeff Pravato for Oyster Bay Receiver of Taxes


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