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Jellyfish Apartments Centerport Plan Withdrawn

By Michael O’Reilly


The plan to build a multi-floor apartment complex on the site of the shuttered Jellyfish restaurant in Centerport has faced intense community opposition, and has been withdrawn “for the present time.”


At a public hearing last week at Huntington Town Hall, spirited arguments were made in opposition of plans to convert the property known as Jellyfish restaurant into a three-story mixed-use apartment building with a walk-out basement.


While some seemingly sound arguments were presented by attorney Darrin Berger, who represents local homeowners opposing the apartment development, because the application was withdrawn, none is now pending.


The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Chairman Gerard Asher, a retired State Supreme Court Justice said, “The misinformation surrounding this property is legion.” But Asher confirmed that the development plans submitted in 2023 have now been withdrawn.


Mr. Berger was not deterred though. He argued that the ZBA erred by not reviewing the application under the “slope rules” (which, in essence states that no application to build on a hillside property in Huntington shall be approved by any agency unless a variance or special use permit has been granted).


Chairman Asher repeatedly asked Mr. Berger to specify what he wanted from the board, since no application was pending.


“What is your prayer of relief?” an exasperated Asher asked.


The main concern of those opposing the plan is the lack of parking that such a mixed-use building would produce, the added traffic and density on a critical choke point on Route 25A, as well as storm water runoff and the increased burden on the environment into the Mill Pond in Centerport..


Neither Chairman Asher, nor the attorney for the would-be developer could confirm whether any new plan would be filed to replace the one withdrawn.


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