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Johnny Depp Plays the Paramount

By Nolan Cleary

Superstar actor Johnny Depp appeared and performed alongside guitarist Jeff Beck last week at the Paramount Theater in Huntington.

The 59 year old Academy Award nominee performed two back to back concerts in Huntington with Beck.

The concert, titled “Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp: Live In Concert,” happened Friday, October 14th, and Saturday, October 15th - and were "sold out."

The performance is apart of a tour happening throughout New York. Previously, Depp made headlines after he was spotted signing autographs for fans following a performance with Beck in Port Chester, New York.

Depp appeared clean shaven in videos, causing speculation from some on the internet that the person signing autographs was not actually Depp.

Depp is perhaps most well known for his role as "Captain Jack Sparrow" in Disney’s "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Depp made national headlines earlier this year over the widely watched post-divorce and defamation trial between him and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.


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