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Lafazan facing New Charges Over Hiring Texas Political Operative

By Rupert Deedeas

Nassau Legislator Joshua Lafazan (D-Syosset) is facing new charges over hiring a Texas political operative onto his Nassau County government payroll, and then using that operative to steer teenage "interns" onto Lafazan's political campaigns.

Jenna Diamond originally worked on Lafazan's failed 2022 congressional campaign - where she was charged with falsely posing as Lafazan’s governmental Chief of Staff, according to recently filed ethics charges.

Diamond - a political aide - allegedly contacted local school districts on behalf of Lafazan to recruit teenage interns, but then directed them to a political website for “Lafazan for Congress.” The website promotes political lawn signs, tee shirts, literature and videos for Lafazan.

"Lafazan is clearly taking advantage of students," read the Ethics Charges.

Lafazan has now tried to cover-up those misrepresentations by hiring Diamond onto his governmental staff payroll - despite Diamond's openly political role, and lack of governmental qualifications. Diamond is collecting an annual government salary of $87,000 from Nassau County, according to the Legislature.

According to campaign finance records, Diamond was also paid a salary by Lafazan’s congressional campaign, using a PO Box address in Woodbury that matches the PO Box address of Mr. Lafazan’s campaign.

"These are blatant violations of the law, and truly demonstrate that no wall exists between Legislator Lafazan’s county duties and that of his Congressional campaign."

"This is ridiculous" said one Bayville resident. "Josh Lafazan is a phony, dishonest, corrupt, self-serving, and unprincipled career politician. He needs to go."


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