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Lattingtown Mansion Destroyed in 5-Alarm Fire

By Chris O'Neill


An afternoon fire roared through a mansion in Lattingtown in Locust Valley resulting in six firefighters being injured, and the house being destroyed.

The fire happened at 3:50PM on a Sunday afternoon. One person was home at the home located at One Greatmeadow Road, in Lattingtown.

The fire soon engulfed the building and it became a five-alarm fire.

Over 10 fire departments responded to the scene to fight the raging fire.

According to fire department officials, six firefighters were injured mostly due to smoke inhalation.  Five of the injured firefighters refused medical attention, and the remaining one was taken to Glen Cove Hospital and treated for minor smoke inhalation.

Fire officials report that the fire started in the garage in the house, and then spread throughout the structure.

One of the homeowner's family was home at the time of the fire, but was not injured.  The house was "gutted" according to one witness.


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