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LI School Board Descends into Anarchy

By Niall Fitzgerald

The East Meadow School Board has been at the center of controversy recently over a video that showed a superintendent bragging about never hiring "conservative" teachers and trying to implement a covert radical political agenda.

In the video, David Casamento, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, was recorded saying that he would rank conservatives so low in their interview process that their score couldn’t possibly raise them up to the level of moving on. He went on to say that politics is his job now and to get away with indoctrination, certain topics must be taught "without the knowledge" of parents.

Hundreds of residents flocked to the March meetings to express their outrage, however Board President, Alisa Baroukh, limited public comment. The board fled the room after the remaining speakers' slips were discarded and those looking to speak were left without the opportunity.

Earlier in the week, five former East Meadow superintendents wrote to the board expressing their concerns with the video. In response, Baroukh wrote a letter targeting the former superintendents, telling them they are stupid and have no concept of management. In another section, Baroukh made it known that she would be contacting their current employers to "report" them.

Beyond the video, the East Meadow School Board has been plagued by mismanagement and lawsuits. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli reported that the district paid $1.1 million in excessive overtime costs. The district is currently being sued for $35 million from past employees for racial and age discrimination.


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