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Lies and Censorship Over Covid Child Vaccine Deaths

This past week, Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former chief science officer and ViP of Pfizer stated that it was "crazy" to give Covid vaccines to children, claiming the Covid vaccine kills "50 times" the number of children as the Covid virus. The political-corporate censorship machine - and his former employer Pfizer - landed on Yeadon like a ton of bricks, accusing him of lies and misinformation - and censored his media accounts. But the data - the hard science - backs up Yeadon's concern that the Covid vaccines will kill more children than Covid itself.

The US Centers for Disease Control maintains - by law - a Vaccine Adverse Reaction program ("VAERS") - to track deaths or injuries from vaccine reactions. As of last week, the CDC reported 9,810 deaths in America from Covid vaccines. The CDC defended the vaccines as safe, with a death rate of "only" 0.0022%. 9,810 deaths is indeed a low rate of death from 442 million doses - but it's not nothing. And because children have barely begun receiving the Covid vaccines - it's nearly all adults. But worrying data indicates that children - especially boys - have far higher rates of death and serious injury (myocarditis) reactions from Covid vaccines than adults. Even extrapolating the 0.0022% adult death rate to children, there will be 2,500 child deaths in America from the Covid vaccines. By contrast, children almost never die from Covid itself. The CDC is now touting a figure of "800 child deaths" over two years from Covid - although that number has strangely surged from a reported "325 child deaths," just a few months ago. And most of those deaths - each one a tragedy - are among already very sick children. Regardless, the 2,500 child deaths from a Covid vaccine reaction, would be far more than either 800 or 325 child deaths from Covid. Are we really going to kill 2,500 children - to "save" - maybe - 325 or 800 ? No vaccine has ever before been approved in history - that kills more than it saves. These are hard questions - that have led other counties to ban Covid vaccination of children.


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