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Local Sex Traffickers Branded, Enslaved Women

By Nolan Cleary

Two local Long Island men have been arrested by the FBI for sex trafficking dozens of women - and even "branding" them with a "P" symbol to mark the women as their property.

Arrested are Lamont Young - otherwise known as "Paper" - of Hauppauge, and Michail McKen - otherwise known as “Kells” of Baldwin. Both are charged multiple counts of sex trafficking, including rape involving a minor.

According to federal prosecutors, Young used online marketing to attract women to what he promised was legitimate work. Then he would use violence against the women who applied to the program, to force them to perform sex work.

Young ran dozens of women, including minors, into a sexual slavery business that he called “the Program.” Women who objected to being raped and used as sex slaves, were beaten and drugged for "not obeying" Young.

Young and McKen even "branded" some victims with a letter “P”, to represent Young’s code name, "Paper."

The nickname "Paper" was intended to signify money - with the girls and women representing an income stream of huge amounts of money for Young and McKen.

McKen assisted in recruitment efforts, and also beat and raped some of the women. The two Defendants had a national operation - with victims being sent from Long Island to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Kentucky, Alabama and Oregon.

Young and McKen coerced many victims who were vulnerable drug addicts into sex, and would provide drugs to women seeking to quit drug addiction, to further addict and control them.

Young was arrested on Long Island and arraigned by United States Magistrate Judge James M. Wicks. McKen was arrested in Arizona and is set to make an appearance in federal court on a future date.

"Young and McKen each ran a national sex trafficking business, including on Long Island, forcing vulnerable females into commercial sex work for the defendants’ financial benefit," said US Attorney Breon Peace. "These indictments demonstrate that sex trafficking on Long Island is not tolerated, and those who engage in such violent, cruel crimes are held accountable."

McKen was previously arrested for burglary in Arizona in February. If convicted, both Young and McKen face a possible life sentence in prison.


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