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Locust Valley man offers $10K reward for stolen jet skis

By Samantha Carey

A Locust Valley resident is asking the community for help - and offering a $10,000 cash reward - after his brand new jet skis were stolen last weekend.

Chris Boisits acquired the jet skis back in June of 2023 after saving up for three years. They were attached to a trailer on his property and on Saturday morning on Jan. 23, he noticed something was off.

“I looked to the left and I see my Jet Skis, brand new, are gone,” he said.

Boisits’s neighbors helped clue in on the suspects through their Ring cameras, catching what looked like people in masks attach a U-Haul truck to the trailer. They then took the jet skis early in the morning. 

Boisits is offering $10,000 for the return of his stolen jet skis as he pleads for the help of his community. 

“I need the public's help. I need everyone's help to stop this. I'm sure there's millions of you hardworking people out there that don't want this to happen to you,” he said. “Let's try to work together and do something about this.”

Anyone with information on the stolen jet skis is asked to call Nassau County police. 


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