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Major Drug Bust in Glen Cove

by Chris O’Neill

A 29-year-old Glen Cove man, Leo Duchnowski, has been arrested after police seized large quantities of heroin, cocaine, edible THC, marijuana and cash from his Eldridge Place home in Glen Cove.

Duchnowski also had "over 100 marijuana plants" that were being cultivated in his basement and upper floor, using sophisticated lights and hydroponics. The police raid busted a major “drug processing and marketing operation,” according to Glen Cove Police Det. Lt. John Nagle.

Duchnowski, a convicted felon, has already spent two 3-year periods jailed in upstate prisons for drug dealing.

He now is being charged with 3rd and 5th degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, 2nd degree criminal possession of marijuana (felonies) and 7th degree possession of a controlled substance – a misdemeanor.

Duchnowski faces up to 25 years behind bars.


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