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Man Arrested for “Lewd” Conduct at Lloyd Harbor Beach

By Niall Fitzgerald

A drunken man - with no pants on - was arrested by police at West Neck Beach in Lloyd Harbor, after witnesses saw the man publicly masturbating in his car.

Arrested is Donald Weir Jr., age 53, of Northport.

As police approached Weir, he began driving erratically in his 2012 Hyundai Accent in the parking lot of West Neck Beach in Lloyd Harbor. He was driving without his headlights on at 8:30 PM, according to police.

The police stopped Weir, and alleged that Weir was masturbating while not wearing pants or underwear.

Weir failed a field sobriety test, according to police. He was arrested and charged with Lewdness: exposing body in public; and DWI: first offense.

Weir was arraigned and released without bail, according to police.

West Neck Beach Park is a Town of Huntington Park. Although it is located in Lloyd Harbor, the Town is responsible for maintaining it and providing a secure place for children and families.


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