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Man, Dog Saved from Drowning in Oyster Bay

By Niall Fitzgerald


A man and his dog were saved from drowning last Sunday in Oyster Bay, after the two went into the still-cold water, and got trapped under a dock.


According to the Nassau Police, the two went for an evening walk shortly after 8PM, when the dog went for a swim in the harbor.  the dog started to struggle, and went under a dock.


The man then went into the water to try to save the dog.  He succeeded in helping to free the dog - which then swam to shore - but the man was exhausted and could not get himself out of the water.


Thankfully, the man had telephoned his girlfriend, who alerted the police, and used the GPS locator on his phone to locate them.


The police responded quickly and pulled the man - who was suffering from hypothermia - from the water.


Both the man and the dog suffered no serious injuries.


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