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Margaret Marchand for LV School Board

There are school board elections this month all across the north shore - and the stakes have never been higher.

For two years, the politicians and teacher's unions have used and tortured our children - forcing them into endless, useless "virtual education," and forcing children to be gagged with medical masks. We can choose the usual crop of candidates looking to network their businesses, always deferential to the teachers unions - or we can choose people with courage, who will fight for our children.

A Johns Hopkins University study has estimated that the developmental damage done over the past two years has set our children back an average of over seven (7) months - with millions of children suffering permanent medical and psychological damage.

In July, 2021, then-Governor Cuomo ended mandatory school masking of children in New York - leaving the decision to each school board.

The Locust Valley School Board then voted to end mandatory masking. A sensible decision, since "the science" proved that Covid was not a danger to children (a 0% fatality rate among healthy children) and that forced child masking caused real medical (elevated CO2, bronchial infections) and psychological damage.

In August, Cuomo resigned and was replaced by Kathy Hochul. She needed political support from the increasingly radical teachers unions, so Hochul - without even consulting medical experts - re-imposed forced masking of children. She then directly threatened the Locust Valley School Board to reverse its earlier vote.

When the Board met, only one Board member - Margaret Marchand - voted to oppose Hochul - and to sue the Governor to protect our children. The rest of the Board caved-in. Five months later, the NYS Supreme Court ruled that Hochul was wrong - and ended forded child masking.

Margaret Marchand cares about our kids. She cares about our children's health and she cares about educational excellence. And she is not afraid.

The Leader endorses Margaret Marchand - and all those across the North Shore who are willing to stand up for our children. Please vote - and choose carefully.


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