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Mary Jo Collins for North Hempstead Receiver of Taxes

Receiver of Taxes is usually a low-profile position that occasions little controversy. Except this year's Democratic nominee, Veronica Lurvey, is one of the worst political hacks on the Town Board.

She backed a "Book Ban" - to ban newspapers that won't blindly support her; and a grotesque "Gerrymander" - dubbed the Lurvey-mander - of Town council districts that disenfranchised thousands of minority voters, while giving other voters - mostly white liberals - a double vote.

Lurvey is a civil rights abomination. In Lurvey-land, minority voters don't count as 3/5 of a man; they count as less than half of a Lurvey-allied white liberal. Thanks to Lurvey, some 25,000 minority voters get no vote this year for Town Board, but another 25,000 white liberals get to vote twice.

Mary Jo Collins is an accomplished Finance executive, with senior Wall Street positions, including Duetsche Bank, Imperial Capital and Merrill Lynch. She is an elected Trustee of the Village of Flower Hill. This is not a close call:

The Leader endorses Mary Jo Collins for North Hempstead Receiver of Taxes


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