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Midnight Burglary Foiled by Noisy Neighbor

by Nolan Cleary

A brazen Huntington midnight burglary was foiled by a noisy neighbor who spooked and drove off the would-be home intruder.

An unknown hooded man was caught on film trying to burglarize a Huntington home. The burglar panicked and ran from from the scene, after being confronted and yelled at by a nearby neighbor. The burglar was spotted on camera wearing a red hoodie as he approached the home he was attempting to break into.

The break-in took place on Longfellow Drive in Huntington. The burglar kicked down the door attached to the garage at around 1 AM on Monday, March 29th. But the noise attracted the attention of residents in the neighborhood.

According to police, the next-door neighbor shouted at the burglar, "Get out here you criminal... I called the police..."

Following the neighbor's loud verbal assault, the burglar ran away in a panic.

The suspect is now wanted for second-degree burglary. Suffolk County Police are asking anyone with any information regarding the burglar in question to call the Second Precinct at 631-854-8200.

The police are offering a reward to anyone who can present more info on the suspect, and have opened a private phone line to call.


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