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Migrants Dropped at Port Washington, Roslyn, Manhasset LIRR Stations

Editor's Note

The article below has been attacked by two Port Washington politicians - Assemblywoman Gina Silletti (D) and Councilwoman Mariann Dalimonte (D) - as "fake news" and "bigotry" and "hate" speech.

The exact same words used one year ago by their politician-colleague, fraudster Congressman George Santos (R), to attack the North Shore Leader for our award-winning exposes of his many frauds.

Our Reporter stands by his reporting - and we stand behind our Reporter: The sources of the article were multiple law enforcement and community leader sources in Port Washington - and several local residents. Not exactly "fake news." And this newspaper is continuing our investigative work - our "due diligence" on this story. Please read the article below, and judge for yourself: The article is a small article about nothing very shocking: 20 migrants dropped last month late at night at the Port Washington LIRR station. There was nothing "political" about the article - and neither politician - Silletti or Dalimonte - were even mentioned. Facts: There are now over 130,000 Migrants in New York City; Port Washington lies only 3.8 miles from NYC; The NYC Migrant Shelters and tent cities are full - and the NYC Mayor is seeking to place Migrants outside of NYC; Last month, Governor Hochul announced that she has a program to "match" Migrants to employers outside of NYC. So when multiple Port Washington residents, law enforcement sources, and local officials tip-off the North Shore Leader about 20 Migrants arriving by bus in Port Washington - it is hardly shocking. We are not reporting about "Green Martians landing in flying saucers." What we reported on is called "good reporting" not "fake news." Neither politician - Silletti nor Dalimonte - ever called the North Shore Leader to ask "Are you sure ?" They have not returned our Reporters' telephone calls. Instead Silletti and Dalimonte seem determined to "defame" and "trash" an award-winning local newspaper - and cooked-up their own false political narrative of "fake news" and "bigotry" and "hate" speech - to try to intimidate and threaten our Reporters in the independent media - and whip-up their own supporters. They have doxxed our offices and telephones. And tried to incite their social media networks to harass this newspaper. Nasty stuff. They even trashed our use of a stock photo - of Migrants boarding a bus in Los Angeles - standard journalistic practice - to falsely claim the Leader was trying to deceive readers. Regardless of whether the bus - and multiple witnesses confirm there was in fact a bus - contained Migrants or "domestic workers" as suggested by one Nassau official - One "fact" is now clear: Port Washington has some really nasty politicians - George Santos, Gina Silletti, and Mariann Dalimonte. The North Shore Leader will continue to do our award-winning reporting - and not be intimidated by political goons. - Maureen Daly Managing Editor


By Thomas Nothel

A busload of illegal migrants was transported from New York City to be dropped off - at 4:30 AM - at the Port Washington, Manhasset and Roslyn Long Island Railroad stations.

The bus was spotted by several witnesses - an older, gray, unmarked charter bus - pulling first into the South Bayles Road parking lot of the Port Washington LIRR station at about 4:30 AM on September 27th. The bus dropped about 15 migrants, and then left Port Washington, heading up Beacon Hill Road.

The next stop was the Roslyn LIRR station, where the bus dropped more migrants.

Other witnesses saw the bus pull into the Manhasset LIRR station - near North Hempstead Town Hall - where it disgorged more illegal migrants.

The "arrival" of migrants from New York City to Long Island was been widely feared and expected.

There is a 1,000 bed Migrant Tent City in the parking lots of the Creedmore Psychiatric Hospital in Queens - just one mile from the Nassau line. The Creedmore Mega Tent City was opened in late August.

Residents advised Leader reporters that three illegal migrants were seen later in Port Washington - drunk and not able to speak English.

The Governor's Office would not respond to calls from the Leader regarding the migrant bus to Long Island.

On September 20th, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that she had "reached agreement" with the Biden administration to provide "work permits" for Venezuelan migrants - and that New York was "matching-up" migrants with potential employers - many outside of New York City.

Were these illegal migrants part of the Hochul program ? The Governor's office won't say.


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