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New Book Store Opens in Huntington

By Thomas Nothel

Excited customers flocked to the “Next Chapter” bookstore that opened on Saturday Dec 3 in Huntington. The store is located at 204 New York Ave, near Stella Blue. Book lovers have been waiting for a new book store to open since the Book Revue closed in September 2021.

The Next Chapter is run by Mallory Braun, a former rare books manager at Book Revue. She was able to open in part due to successful fundraising.

Braun is very appreciative for the many generous donors from all over Long Island. The total amount she raised was $250,000 to help with rents payments and other costs of opening the store. She received guidance from Richard Klein, a former owner of the Book Revue.

The bookstore sells new, used and rare books, records, art and handmade goods. They will have workshops, events and author signings. The store buys and accepts donations of books and records that are in excellent condition.

Braun sees the new store as a gathering place for the community.

The main retail area is open but the second area is still under construction. Check their website,, for updates on when the construction will be completed and other information about the new store.


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