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New Book Store to Open in Huntington

By Rupert Deedes

The news about the demise of the independent bookstore was - apparently - greatly exaggerated.

In the early 2000’s, economists predicted that big box book stores like Barnes & Noble and Border’s—and internet seller Amazon – would drive independent bookstores out of business.

For a while, these predictions looked prescient: Between 2000 and 2007, more than 1,000 U.S. independent bookstores closed their doors.

A huge loss to the north shore was last year’s closing of Book Revue – a bookstore and café that had opened in 1978. Nut now a new bookstore is emerging from the ashes, a local bookstore called “The Next Chapter.”

Independent bookstores are, however, proving resilient. Between 2009 and 2014 the number of independent bookstores increased by 27 percent, while Border’s filed for bankruptcy in 2011, and closed 60 stores. This year it will close 13 more stores.

Analysts say that while independent bookstores cannot compete with Amazon or big box retailers on price or selection, they can offer customers unique experiences.

The independent bookstores cater to a consumer base looking to both get away from screen time and support local businesses in their community. These stores have well-read employees who can offer customers books tailored to their tastes and preferences. A good bookseller also knows when to tell someone they should not buy a particular book because it is not right for them.

Independent bookstores can foster a sense of community. Author readings, events for kids, and panel discussions help make the independent bookstore more than a place where you buy books: it becomes a hub where members of the community congregate.

That is why, almost a year after The Book Revue, Huntington’s famed bookstore which closed its door after 44 years of service to the Huntington community, a successor store is set to open its doors.

The Book Revue’s former manager, Mallory Braun, with the help of Book Revue owner Richard Klein, launched The Next Chapter, a bookstore which, as was the case with The Book Revue, will sell selling new, used, remaindered, and rare books, as well as records, art, and handmade goods.

The store will be located at 204 New York Ave. in Huntington, right next to the Stella Blue Bistro.

“[It] is a five-minute walk from Book Revue,” Braun said in her official announcement. “I’m not kidding, I timed it.”

Until the new location opens, The Next Chapter will continue to host pop-ups and encourage customers to visit utilize their online store.


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