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North Hempstead Dems Corrupt "Lurvey-mander"

After NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s illegally partisan gerrymander (the “Hochulmander”) of congressional and state senate districts was humiliatingly thrown-out this year by the Courts, you would think that our local pols would take note. But no...

The Democratic majority on the North Hempstead Town Board just rammed through a grotesque redistricting plan - in a 4-3 party-line vote - that disenfranchises tens of thousands of voters - mostly pro-Republican minority voters - to desperately try to keep political control of the town, and its pot of patronage and outside contracts.

The Democrats' plan works this way - Persians, Asians, Blacks and Hispanics in Great Neck (who have been voting more Republican) don't get to vote for six (6) years. But affluent white liberals in Port Washington and Lake Success condos get to vote twice in two years. That way, the Democrats get to double the votes of their base, and pack the Town Board - without those pesky (and so "ungrateful") minorities getting in the way.

The chief architect and beneficiary of this dirty scheme was Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey (D-Great Neck). Lurvey was narrowly elected in 2019, and doesn't want to face the voters again - especially after they voted over 60% Republican last year.

So, in a cute trick, she used redistricting to simply "change the number" of her current district from (old) District 4 to (new) District 5. And then push-off the elections for new District 5 - now an "odd-numbered district" - for three years.

What a clever trick ! Simply "change the district number" for your district and then "reassign" a new voting year - years away.

Except that 30,000 Town residents get no vote - Lurvey "canceled" their vote. And another 30,000 Town residents get two (2) votes - one in 2021 and another in 2023 !

The "Lurvey-mander" and vote shift scheme would be laughable were it not blatantly and crassly illegal. Equal protection ? One person one vote ? The Voting Rights Act ? Let every vote count ?

Every sacred civil right has been violated by Lurvey and her political caucus: Peter Zuckerman; Mariann Dalimonte and Robert Troiano. The Courts will now assuredly throw-out the “Lurvey-mander” and their illegal attempt to disenfranchise Republican votes and give Democrats two votes. What a fraud and what a disgrace.


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