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One-Party Dictatorships and Their Corrupt Courts

A clear sign that a country has become a dictatorship is the government's use of controlled Courts to subvert the "Rule of Law," and instead have their Courts act as rubber stamps and enforcers to attack the regime's political opponents and enforce raw political decisions and authoritarian power.


We are referring, of course, to the grotesque abuse of "judicial power" this past week, that saw the political opponents of the communist Chinese regime in Hong Kong convicted and facing jail.


This happened in once-free Hong Kong. Forty-seven journalists, former Hong Kong elected officials, attorneys, and pro-democracy supporters were convicted in a mass arrest and farcical kangaroo trial - and now face years in jail.


Under formerly British-ruled Hong Kong, and under the 1997 Hong Kong Basic Law (that China pledged by international treaty to respect) all the actions of the 47 were completely legal: writing articles; speaking freely; filing pro-civil rights Court actions; and peacefully protesting.


But no more: China "disqualified" all the former Hong Kong elected officials, appointed one-party flunkies to take over the police and Courts; and now just arrests or disappears anyone the party dictatorship wants to. It doesn't matter what "the law" says.


One of the convicted is a 33 year old journalist named Gwyneth Ho (pictured). Her "crime" was to video and broadcast a violent attack on peaceful pro-democracy protesters by a gang of goons - sent by the communist government - armed with clubs and sticks. That embarrassed the regime. 

Ho ran in Hong Kong's last free city election - in 2020 - and won. That also embarrassed the regime. So the regime "disqualified" her and banned her from office.

Amazingly, the Biden administration took note of the anti-democratic dictatorial actions of the communists:

"The defendants were subjected to a politically motivated prosecution and jailed simply for peacefully participating in political activities protected under the Basic Law...," stated Biden State Department official Matt Miller.

Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue.


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