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Op-Ed: Bill Maher’s Monologue against Child Mutilation is a Game Changer

By Steve Levy


Every school board member on Long Island should be required to see liberal talk show host Bill Maher’s monologue opposing child genital mutilation and the sexualizing of our children.

This is especially important at this time because we have witnessed over the last several years school boards permitting what many believe is pornographic materials to be made accessible to our children in numerous school and public libraries - including Bayport-Blue Point, Elwood and Wantagh - to name a few.

For many years now, conservatives, moderates, and even some left-of-center Americans have been screaming out to our elected leaders and school boards to put the brakes on the burgeoning cottage industry that is promoting the sterilization and removal of body parts from children expressing gender confusion.

Concern has also been raised about sexual pole dancing, drag shows and other age-inappropriate events staged at schools and with children.

But now, Bill Maher’s scathing monologue may be a game changer in this debate.

Maher is a classic liberal who hates Trump, voted for Biden, is a green extremist, and a supporter of legalization marijuana and other drugs. This is no MAGA hat-wearing right winger.

Consequently, when Maher last week sounded the alarm for classic liberals to push back against the woke leftists who are promoting the sexualization and mutilation of children, it may have an enormous impact.

More brilliantly, Maher stressed how wokeism, which has been deemed by many as being an extension of liberalism, is actually the enemy of liberalism.  Liberalism promotes tolerance; wokeism promotes cancellation and political correctness.

(This is most appropriate, given the show that shot Maher to fame was entitled Politically Incorrect.)

Liberalism denounces terrorism; wokeism supports it.

Liberalism protects children; wokeism assaults children.

Liberalism seeks to bring the races together, while wokeism tears them apart.

Liberalism supports gay rights, while wokeism denigrates heterosexuality as being part of the oppressive "white patriarchy."

Maher tore the woke extremists apart by questioning how they could possibly support books and events that promote pornography (made accessible to our kids) and the sexualizing of our children.

The left leaning commentator went so far as to say that: “The left will overlook child f—ing if the guy from the wrong party calls it out.”

Maher noted that, while he is a huge supporter of gays to dress in drag without incrimination, he draws the line when it comes to drag queens having eight-year-olds stuff money into their bras as they thrust their pelvises under a sign that says: “It won’t lick itself.”

And Maher pointed to a recently released Dutch study, which shows that the push for genital mutilation of young children is not dealing with the underlying problems that troubled youth are facing.

The studies show that children, who might be confused about their gender at a very early age, will likely grow out of it as the years pass, showing that the gender dysphoria hysteria has been based on false premises and junk science.

Many school boards have ignored the pleas of their constituents, trying to brand them as reactionary MAGA, anti-gay, anti-trans book banners. That was always a false narrative.

This isn’t a battle of Democrat versus Republican. This is a battle of normal versus crazy. This is a battle to stop pedophilia and sterilization of minors from being normalized.

Maher’s monologue may put us back on a path where normal prevails over crazy.



Steve Levy is President of Common Sense Strategies, a political consulting firm. He served as Suffolk County Executive, as a NYS Assemblyman, and host of “The Steve Levy Radio Show.” He is the author of “Solutions to America’s Problems” and “Bias in the Media.”, Twitter  @SteveLevyNY,


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