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Op-Ed: Buyers’ Remorse for American Voters who thought electing Democrats would return "Normalcy"

By Mark Demetropoulos

Two years ago, a majority of American voters choose Joe Biden over the then current executive Donald Trump.

America was in the midst of a deadly pandemic, with lockdowns, summer riots, and political unrest.

Trump, for the most part, allowed states to self-manage the pandemic. That freedom – to allow freedom or severe government restrictions – meant that states such as Florida, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, were able to recover economically much faster, thanks to less paternalistic lock downs.

By comparison, states such as New York, California and Illinois saw oppressive governmental controls via severe lock downs, restrictions of basic civil liberties, and larger state financial losses.

Going into the election of 2020, the economy was recovering from the pandemic and a medical vaccine to combat COV-19 was on the way. Despite this, the nation overall decided to switch leaders and parties as it gave total control to the Democrats (gaining control of both houses of Congress) and the executive branch by electing President Biden.

One reason given by voters was based upon then-President Trump not swiftly handling the pandemic – and appointing people like Anthony Fauci to manage America’s pandemic policies.

In addition, many American voters characterized Trump’s persona as being that of a harsh, course and divisive political figure. As a result many citizens justified their vote as a return to “normalcy.”

However now, two years later, Americans feel the country has deviated even more from what most people consider to be “normalcy” – with even more restrictions on civil liberties and individual freedom.

Since taking power in 2021, Biden has reversed course on nearly every policy instituted by the previous administration, regardless, of the fact that many of Trump’s policies were deemed by majority of Americans as being objectively beneficial to America.

These positive polices included putting interests of America first in the world, energy independence, fewer regulations, and lower tax rates.

The Biden administration, through increased and politically-targeted regulation and restriction of permits, forced the US domestic energy sector to severely cut energy production. The administration then urged foreign nations such as Russia, and Saudi Arabia to increase their output of oil and coal - reversing America’s position from being the leading energy exporter, to being a net energy importer.

Many economists believe that reducing America’s energy production, combined with greater government spending due to COV-19, has fueled an increase in inflation for all Americans.

In addition, the Biden administration sought to re-enter international agreements which were detrimental to American interests such as the Paris Climate Accords, and attempting to revive the dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal.

One year ago, the Biden administration pulled all US Forces out of Afghanistan – in a sloppy haphazard rout that installed the Taliban – the same group that attacked America on 9-11 – back inb power.

Afghanistan, 21 years ago, was the main training and staging point of the deadliest attack against on American soil. Previous Presidents - of both parties - kept troops there as protection of American interests and safety. Although, troop presence had been reduced and there as well as discussion of a US pullout by both parties, the way the Biden administration pulled out of Afghanistan ended up being a grave disaster. It also left a vacuum for Middle Eastern terrorists to re-gather, and created a global perception of weakness - that America might not be the superpower it once was.

Many Americans who may not have been a fan of the previous President, Trump, recognized that many of his policies such as a strong military presence, and energy efficient nation and a nation with a booming economy, all have faded with Biden and the Democrats taking power.

In addition, the Biden administration along with both houses of Congress passed a new bill (The inflation reduction act) which brings back much of the regulation that existed prior to the previous Trump administration. The bill picks winners and losers by granting tax breaks to companies the administration favors such as solar power and punishes energy it disfavors, that of coal, crude oil and natural gas. It also, raises taxes – by instituting a base line fifteen (15%) minimum corporate tax rate on corporations, as well as eliminating tax deductions which were available for smaller business, put in place via the tax law of 2017 TCJA (Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017).

Furthermore, the Biden administration and the Democrat’s new spending bill calls for the hiring at least 87,000 new IRS agents - most of who will securitize and audit the average Joe and Jane’s taxes - since the GAO reports that 83% of the projected new tax revenues will come from ordinary Americans via Individual Income and withholding taxes.

In conclusion, Americans are getting higher inflation, higher, taxes, more regulation, less energy production, as well as government spending on the recruitment of thousands of IRS agents to harass the average American. All this combined with the fact that the USA has been reduced as a world power. Is this really what Americans thought would be a “return to normalcy,” when they voted in Democrats to control all Federal power ?


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