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Op-Ed: Suffolk Needs to Push-Back on NYC Shipping Illegal Migrants

By Steve Levy

When it comes to liberals looking the other way on the issue of illegal immigration, the chickens have come home to roost. President Biden’s reversal of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, his call for a “surge” of illegal immigrants to cross, and his deliberate efforts to open the border allowed six to ten million illegal border crossings over the last two-and-a-half years.

Many in the liberal media, as well as cowardly politicians, didn’t have the courage to criticize this madness. And now we are all paying the price.

And it’s not just El Paso, Texas’ problem. The illegal aliens are being shipped all over the country, and, for the last few months, have been overwhelming New York City - which should have little reason to complain, since they proudly declared themselves a "sanctuary city" welcoming illegal aliens.

But, now, NYC is so overwhelmed, that they are reaching out to suburban counties to share the load. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman has wisely said “No Way.”

But it looks like Suffolk is not pushing back against NYC Mayor Eric Adams and the liberals who are acquiescing to this massive influx of humanity.

Instead of being pushovers, and pretending there’s nothing that can be done, how about demanding that the president reinstate the “Stay in Mexico” policy, and this problem will be resolved overnight?

Or, how about taking a protective, proactive stance like Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguilar has done, making it clear that any steering of the city’s illegal arrivals will be challenged with legislation and court fights?

The cost of this migrant influx will be enormous on the environment, our hospitals, our schools, our housing conditions and our taxpayers.

And don’t go off on any humanitarian lectures because encouraging this simply encourages millions of more to risk their lives taking this dangerous trek - where women get raped and kids get sucked into the slave and sex trafficking trades.

And how many breast cancer screenings will not be able to be paid for in Suffolk? How many affordable housing units will now be occupied by illegal immigrants rather than veterans?

How many hospital beds will now be overflowed to an even greater extent? How many special-needs children will be ignored because teachers’ attention will be spread too thin?

People with common sense know this is crazy. Don’t be scared by the liberal editorials and the radical nonprofit groups. They will try to label you as being xenophobic or bigoted. We know their game. They should stop demanding we do our so-called “fair share,” get real and call for President Biden to enforce the law and control our border.

We’re not naive. We get it that this is all an effort to import future Democratic voters. Those promoting open borders got away with it for all this time because it wasn’t directly touching the lives of suburbanites or elites. Now it is. The liberals created this mess. It is up to them to fix it by controlling the border, just as it was controlled before they took over the White House in 2021.


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