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Op-Ed: The Immigration Scam of the Century

By Steve Levy

I must, in all humility, tip my hat to President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for pulling off the swindle of the century regarding our open border.

If you had asked me two years ago if Biden and his party could survive after intentionally opening our border to 5 million illegal aliens, I would have pointed you to a psychiatric facility. The public would rebel - or so I thought.

Even the mainstream media, which is an arm of the Democratic Party, would have at some point sounded the alarm. But it appears that after two years of uncontrolled border overflow, the Democratic Party has not suffered politically. It actually gained a seat last year in the Senate, and Biden feels emboldened enough to now seek another four years.

The Party took a calculated risk that the fallout from opening the border for a two-year period would be small enough to not outweigh the enormous electoral advantage they would experience by allowing these illegal immigrants to enter the nation and, thereupon, gain citizenship and the right to vote.

It was evident early on to most objective observers that the border rush was not a result of Biden’s negligence or incompetence. It was deliberate, and promoted for a number of reasons.

1. It’s the opposite of what Trump was doing, and that was what guided most of Biden’s early policies.

2. It was what Biden’s radical progressive flank demanded. This small, but dominant, faction wants open borders to tie into their one-world vision of the united proletariat that should flow unimpeded from one socialist entity to the next. Equally pertinent is that it aids in their goal of tearing down an American system they deem racist and irredeemable.

3. But the most important motivation for the border breakdown was to import new potential voters who would cast ballots predominantly for the Democratic Party.

Democrats have been losing the white vote for quite some time now. Republican policies on crime, inflation, and the economy are favored by a majority of Americans polled.

For Democrats to succeed, they must maintain a strong coalition of young and minority voters. The African-American population has been a near monolithic vote for Democrats, usually exceeding a rate of 90%. And despite small recent GOP gains of the Hispanic vote, Democrats still garner at least 60% of this demographic.

Importing several million additional Democratic voters will continue the trend of shading swing states such as Georgia, Arizona and Nevada more purple and blue.

Democrats have gotten away with this despite the enormous cost imposed upon taxpayers, in large part because they’ve been provided cover by their allies in the mainstream media. A media that gave wall-to-wall coverage to the January 6 riot had no room to cover the true extent of the border invasion.

As a result of the lack of coverage, a majority of Americans believe that the number of illegal crossings since Biden took office is under 500,000 - compared to the actual numbers, which are 10 times that amount.

Nor are they hearing about the enormous cost illegal immigration is having on local schools, hospitals, and social service agencies.

Interestingly, in the past, Democratic leaders had aggressively pushed back against suggestions that illegal immigration is a drain on taxpayers, claiming instead that the migrants receive few, if any, services and are a net plus to communities because of the needed labor they provide. But now, Democratic mayors are sounding the alarm about the overwhelming negative fiscal impact the influx will have on the city budgets.

But this is a price that the operatives within the party are willing to pay. They seem not to be overly concerned about the 100,000 deaths attributable to the massive funneling of fentanyl over the border.

Nor do they seem disturbed about the enormous debt that dealing with these poor migrants is placing on our children or grandchildren, And, of course, there is no consideration given to our national security that is jeopardized by allowing millions of unvented individuals to cross the border.

The inability to acknowledge the crisis at the border can be due to one of three things: 1. you are unaware of it, as are many average residents who listen only to the mainstream media; 2. you are an ignoramus; or 3. you are lying.

Democratic leaders are not dumb, nor are they ill-informed. They are lying for convenience and power at the expense of our overall national interest. It is perhaps the greatest policy betrayal of the American people in our nation’s history.

It’s an abrogation of constitutional duties that would prompt the majority of the American people to demand impeachment — if only they knew of the true magnitude of the crisis deliberately imposed upon the nation by the American Left and the clueless president too cowardly to stand up to them.

To my many friends in Democratic leadership, I sadly concede - You have won the short-term game of opening the border to strengthen your electoral battles. But will it have been worth it knowing that in the long run, you have caused enormous economic, social and security catastrophes and eviscerated the concept of American sovereignty?


Steve Levy is President of Common Sense Strategies, a political consulting firm. He served as Suffolk County Executive, as a NYS Assemblyman, and host of "The Steve Levy Radio Show." He is the author of "Solutions to America's Problems" and "Bias in the Media.", Twitter @SteveLevyNY,


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