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Op-Ed: The Southern Poverty Law Center Should Close Shop

By Steve Levy

The left-leaning media has long used the Southern Poverty Law Center as the "independent" arbiter in determining what entities in America should be designated as “hate groups.”

But while this was a very reputable organization back in the ‘70s exposing the evils of the KKK, the organization has in more recent times morphed into an apologist vehicle for the radical, violent left.

I experienced their lies when the organization injected itself into the debate about illegal immigration on Long Island when I was county executive. Since I was an advocate of enforcing immigration laws, I was labeled by SPLC as an “enabler” to the murder of an Ecuadorian immigrant in Patchogue.

They issued a blatantly false statement that as county executive I had promoted legislation that would allow the police to stop people on the street if they looked Hispanic. It was a complete distortion of my legislation, which merely said that once a person was arrested on legitimate grounds, they would be referred to federal immigration authorities if they were here illegally.

The credibility of the group was further eroded when they labeled a Muslim speaking out against Islamic terrorism as an “anti-Muslim extremist.” The accusations were so false and outrageous that they were forced to enter into a $3 million settlement with the individual the SPLC defamed.

But the SPLC’s true colors came out last week when one of their lawyers was arrested at the violent attack against the police training facility in Atlanta. A large number of Antifa followers from throughout the nation and international locations organized to burn the facility down and to cause havoc.

One of the Center's lawyers was at the scene and was arrested. The Center claims he was not involved in violence, but was merely a part of a legal team that monitors protests.

Even if that attorney was not personally involved in violence, what does it say about the Center that they felt compelled to have their lawyers inject themselves into a violent protest to further the defense of Antifa members who would eventually be arrested for their violent acts.

This is a sham organization. If they’re not going to close their doors, at the very least the media can stop giving them credibility.


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