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Open Memo to Judge Joanna Seybert: Jail Santos Before He “Skips” to Brazil

This newspaper was the first to expose the con artist ex-Congressman George Santos. Now we are identifying him as an extreme flight risk.

George Santos has already lived 13 years as an international criminal fugitive. He fled Brazil to America in 2010 from criminal check fraud and elder fraud charges in Brazil. He settled those charges just this year - as a US Congressman - in a “no jail” plea deal.

He’s now facing decades in US federal prison - on the 23 felony counts with which he is already charged - and the dozens of additional charges identified and referred to the US Department of Justice by the House Ethics Committee.

Santos is a dual US-Brazil national. The Constitution and laws of Brazil prohibit extradition of Brazilian nationals. If he escapes to Brazil, the US can’t touch him.

The US Court imposed lenient bail terms on Santos - no cash and no ankle bracelet - because he was a serving Congressman.

Now he’s not. He has no job, and only the dismal prospect of more criminal charges and a long jail term ahead of him in America.

Santos recently met with a Brazilian billionaire. And he went to the US-Mexico border just last week - 50 feet from the open border. All indications of a plan to flee.

Judge Joanna Seybert should tighten Santos’ bail - pre-trial detention or at least an electronic ankle monitor - because he is a historic and current high flight risk.

It would be Santos final fraud if he “skips” out of America - to fame, fortune and freedom in Brazil.

Giving television interviews from a luxury beachfront balcony in Rio de Janeiro claiming to be a refugee from “political persecution” in America.

Judge Seybert needs to act now, before it’s too late.


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