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Order in the Classroom" as Judge Samantha takes the Moot Court Bench

By Niall Fitzgerald


The 4th and 5th grade students at East Hills School and Harbor Hill School got a lesson in how our Courts work, when Nassau Legislator Samantha Goetz (R-Locust Valley) took the bench in Moot Court to preside over the elementary schools' first-ever interscholastic Moot Court competition.


The Moot Court competition was held in a real courtroom at the Nassau Supreme Court in Mineola.


Legislator Samantha Goetz represents District 18 (Oyster Bay, Locust Valley, the Brookvilles, Roslyn, Albertson) in the Nassau County Legislator.  Goetz was elected by a landslide in 2023, and is serving her first term. She is an experienced trial attorney, having served in both the Oyster Bay Town Attorney and Nassau County Attorney's offices.  


The two competing"legal teams" came from East Hills School in Roslyn and Harbor Hill School in Greenvale.


The Mock Trial program was put together by attorney Joshua Brookstein, and involved the Mock Court trial of Lenny/Leni Loudmouth v. Yellowstone School, a civil liability case, involving the topic of the assumption of risk.


“I had the honor of seeing the 4th & 5th-grade students from East Hills School in Roslyn and Harbor Hill School in Greenvale tackle such a nuanced case on the civil assumption of risk with such enthusiasm,” Legislator Goetz said. “The talent, passion, and work ethic of these young students were truly astounding, and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that every one of them will accomplish!!”


The impressive elementary school students served as the plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, and lawyers for the Moot Court case, with both teams making advanced and persuasive arguments.


In a cliffhanger of a case, "Judge Samantha" ultimately ruled in favor of the students representing the Defendant school district, and against the Plaintiff, Lenny Loudmouth.


Students from both teams were given awards for exceptional advocacy and preparation in all aspects of the case.


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