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Oyster Bay to Install "Floating Litter Traps"

By Chris O'Neill

Oyster Bay will be deploying a new technology - Floating Litter Traps - to skim floating garbage and debris from the pristine waters of Oyster Bay, Cold Spring Harbor and Hempstead Harbor.

The first deployment will be in Hempstead Harbor off Tappan Beach in Glenwood Landing and Sea Cliff - and the Town is calling for "student volunteers" to help launch this pilot environmental program.

Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilwoman Laura Maier announced the installation of two "Collec’Thor" devices at Harry Tappen Marina that will clean the waters of Hempstead Harbor. They were joined on the dock by several volunteers, as well as Council members Lou Imbroto and Vicky Walsh, and Town Clerk Rich LaMarca. The waste skimmers represent the latest in marine debris technology and this will be their first use in the United States. The "Collec'Thor" devices are installed on floating decks and use a small pump to draw in floating trash, specifically solid and liquid wastes such as plastic bottles, cigarette filters, butts and packaging, micro-plastics and hydrocarbon waste, including oils and fuels. The device adjusts with the tide and according to Supervisor Saladino, “Collects up to 220 pounds of floating debris in just one cycle...” Councilwoman Maier is calling for “Citizen Scientist volunteers” - high school and college students, as well as adults, to assist in determining the amount and type of debris collected. All volunteers will receive a certificate for their efforts in protecting the community and its environment. To volunteer contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County (CCE) Project Manager Amanda Dauman at (631) 727-7850 ext. 322 or email


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