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Pam Panzenbeck for Glen Cove Mayor

Elected two years ago, Mayor Pam Panzenbeck has done an outstanding job as Mayor of Glen Cove.

She has shepherded the successful opening of the Village Square - replacing a derelict office park; and the hugely successful completion and opening of the Garvies Point project - that took an industrial wasteland and replaced it with a stunning waterfront residential community and parks, available to the whole community.

Glen Cove has seen its property values rise under Panzenbeck, as she brought competent, no-nonsense management back to City Hall. Crime is down as Panzenbeck has worked closely with the City police to increase patrols and enforcement.

Pam Panzenbeck has earned re-election.

And her "Team Panzenbeck" running with her for City Council - Grady Farnan, Ronisue Jenkins, Michael Ktistakis, Kevin Maccarone, Jack Mancusi and Barbara Peebles - all deserve election to the City Council.

The Leader endorses Pam Panzenbeck for Mayor of Glen Cove.


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