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Pironi: Lafazan Must Return Stolen $710K from SBF Victims

by Niall Fitzgerald

Nassau Legislator Joshua Lafazan took over $710,800.00 in stolen money over the past year from indicted Crypto-currency fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried (a/k/a "SBF").

Now Lafazan's Republican opponent in next year's election, Paolo Pironi, is demanding that Lafazan return the stolen funds to the Special Master appointed by the Federal Courts to recover the stolen money and return it to the victims of SBF's fraud and crimes.

Lafazan cozied-up to SBF and the Crypto lobbyists during Lafazan's ill-fated run for US Congress earlier this year.

Lafazan finished a distant third in the Democratic primary, but - thanks to the stolen funds from SBF and his "crypto-boys" - he raised far more money than any other congressional candidate.

Lafazan even went the extreme of forming a "Cryptocurrency Task Force" in the Nassau County Legislature, to support the Crypto lobbyists and encourage innocent local residents to invest in SBF's fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges.

"To secure over a half million dollars in dark money campaign ads, Lafazan abused his position in the County Legislature to curry favor with Sam Bankman-Fried," stated Pironi. "From creating a taxpayer-funded 'Crypotocurrency Task Force,' to writing op-eds and lobbying elected officials, Lafazan helped legitimize this ponzi-scheme - to attract tens of thousands of dollars in campaign assistance."

Lafazan has not issued any statement in response to Pironi's demand to return the SBF victims' stolen funds.

Bankman-Fried was indicted by the US Department of Justice for running a multi-billion dollar fraud and Ponzi-scheme, and stealing billions of depositors' funds to purchase lavish luxury real estate and buy influence with politicians like Lafazan.

SBF is currently being extradited from the Bahamas to New York.


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