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Police Hunt for Finley's Bar Brawler

By Nolan Cleary

Suffolk County police are currently on the lookout for a man who assaulted another man in a 2 AM bar brawl in Huntington.

Police say the violent incident happened on April 3rd around 2 AM outside of Finley's bar on Greene Street in Huntington. According to police, the suspect in question violently hit another man, resulting in bodily injuries. The victim suffered cuts, contusions, broken bones, and severe bruises.

The victim was sent to the hospital, and is expected to recover.

The perpetrator is currently at-large and wanted by police for felonious assault.

Police are offering a a cash prize for anyone with information that could result in an arrest. Anyone who has any information on the matter can contact Suffolk Police at 1-800-220-TIPS.


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