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Port Student Awarded US Congress Gold Medal

By Priya Persaud

A Port Washington Schreiber High School senior, Dru Czarkowski ,was awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal by the United States Congress for his commitment to "community involvement, academic success, and personal growth."

The Congressional Award Gold Medal is the U.S. Congress’ highest honor for youth. To attain eligibility for the award, Czarkowski had to commit at least 200 hours to personal development, 200 hours to physical fitness, 400 hours to voluntary public service, and engage in a five-day, four-night exploration or expedition. “This accolade stands as the pinnacle of recognition for America’s civilian youth," stated the High School in a press release."And it showcases Dru’s exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to personal growth and community involvement.” “We congratulate Dru wholeheartedly on this remarkable achievement," added the High School. "His unwavering dedication to personal growth, community service, and academic excellence serves as an inspiration to all.” The Congressional Award Gold Medal was awarded to 574 distinguished students in the Class of 2023, and they will all be celebrated in an upcoming annual event sponsored by the US Congress in the nation’s capital.


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