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Port Washington Athletic Director Honored

By Priya Persaud

Port Washington’s Nick Schratwieser is the Nassau County Recipient of the Council of Administrator’s Emerging Athletic Administrator Award for 2021-2022. Schratwieser is the Port Washington School’s Athletic Director.

The award is presented annually to school leaders who “demonstrate an ongoing commitment to athletics, a willingness to get involved, constant professional development, and continuing education… and to promote Athletics and Physical Education in a positive manner.”

“I am overcome with pride as this award represents the opinions of my colleagues across Nassau County,” stated Schratwieser. “While I appreciate the recognition of our work within my first year and a half in the district, the Athletics Department is made up of so many stakeholders that I share with award with. I could not be more pleased to be a part of the Port Washington Athletics community and look forward to many years of success ahead.”

Prior to joining the Port Washington school system, Schratwieser held coaching positions in Maryland, New York, and the Jericho and Locust Valley school districts. In August of 2020, Schratwieser became the assistant director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics for the Port Washington school system.

“Nick is visible throughout the community and has quickly established himself as an effective, articulate leader,” stated Kevin Baudo, the athletics coordinator for Weber Middle School. “He both listens and adds to the conversation when it comes to improving both curriculum and athletics.”

Schratwieser says that he plans to continue improving the Athletics program and deepening the network of alumni. He is also excited to foster more connections with organizations that promote youth sport in Port Washington.


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