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Port Washington NYU Student Vandalizes Israel Hostage Posters

By Rupert Deedes

A Port Washington woman, who is a junior at New York University (“NYU”), and was a former intern at the Anti-Defamation League (“ADL”) was caught on camera vandalizing and tearing-up picture-posters of the over 200 hostages seized by Hamas in the recent raid on Israel.

The woman, 21-year-old Yazmeen Deyhimi, lives in Port Washington, and is a 2021 graduate of Schrieber High School.

Deyami was accompanied by two other women in the act of vandalism, and their actions have ignited a firestorm of outrage, at NYU and in the national media.

About 210 hostages, among them 21 kids and more than 20 elderly people with medical problems, were taken hostage by the terrorist group Hamas as part of the October 7th attack on Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza Strip. Nearly 1,400 Israelis, most of them civilians, were killed by the terrorists.

After being caught, Deyhimi, blamed her “misplaced anger” on the situation in the Middle East, and issued an apology for her actions.

More than 4,000 NYU students and staff have now signed a petition calling for the university to take disciplinary measures against her and her accomplices.

The Petition read in part:

“Our fear as Jewish students is valid, and the university needs to create an environment where all students feel safe and respected.

NYU has a responsibility to take action against any form of discrimination, including antisemitism, in line with its zero-tolerance policy…”

The three women were videotaped stripping photos from a wall at Tisch Hall, on which students had put pictures of some of the hostages.

In the now-viral video, two of the women are seen grinning while holding and ripping-up the pictures of young children taken hostages by Hamas terrorists.

In summer 2019, Deyhimi, worked for two months as a summer intern for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), where she was a CSC Education Intern. The ADL confirmed that Deyhimi was an intern.

It is not yet clear whether NYU is planning to take any disciplinary action against Deyhimi and her accomplices.


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