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Portledge Ice Hockey Crushes Seton Hall

By Priya Persaud

This past Thursday, the Seton Hall Prep’s ice hockey team ventured to the Beaver Dam Winter Sports Club in Locust Valley, N.Y. to take on Portledge School, for a thorough thrashing.

The Pirates of Seton Hall Prep lost 7-2 to Portledge.

At 2:43 into the first period of the game, Seton Hall gained a 1-0 lead when Christopher McIntyre secured a clearing pass and scored by a wrist shot from the left circle. That was the last time Seton Hall was in the lead:

In the second period, Portledge scored a total of four goals, taking a decisive 4-1 lead score. Two of the goals were classified as “power plays,” while the other two goals are considered “even-strengths.” During the second period, Portledge outshot Seton Hall 9-8.

In the third period, Portledge made a shorthanded goal to further their lead to 5-1. Then, junior Sean Murphy made a rebound off of senior Max Tooney’s shot, with 7:37 left.

This made the score 5-2.

On a roll, Portledge scored two more goals in the game, making for the final 7-2 score. Moreover, Seton Hall outshot Portledge 17-10 in this period and 33-29 in the overall game. Zac Calveric, a freshman, secured twenty-two saves. In the end, Seton Hall dropped 0-2 on the season.


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