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Presidential Candidates Make Final Stop In New Hampshire

Candidates for President of the United States made their final stand in New Hampshire this weekend ahead of this Tuesday’s primary. Former President Donald Trump is hoping to expand upon his landslide victory during in Iowa. 


Trump faces challenge from former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has received the endorsement of the state’s Governor, Chris Sununu. 


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made his final New Hampshire campaign stop on Friday in Dover before officially dropping out on Sunday. 


During his event, DeSantis attacked Trump and Haley for refusing to debate, and argued for a peace through strength solution when dealing with China. 


DeSantis also showed support for the current Congressional efforts to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 


“The whole idea of impeaching people is when they disregard their oath of office and the Constitution. He’s let in 8 million people illegally. That is wrong. He has not satisfied his oath of office, and I think that is totally appropriate to hold him accountable,” DeSantis told the Leader. 


“The reason we have such bad outcomes in Washington, is because nobody every gets held accountable for anything.” However, DeSantis was more luke warm on Republican House discussions regarding the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden. 


“I supported the inquiry. I think Mayorkas is probably going to be easier for them, but I think with Biden there is a lot of corruption,” DeSantis told the Leader. 


On Saturday, New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik spoke at Trump’s campaign headquarters in Manchester. It has previously been rumored Stefanik could be in the running to be Trump’s running mate, should he win the Republican nomination. 


Stefanik attacked Joe Biden over the his handling of immigration and the economy. Stefanik also said that if a Biden impeachment vote came to the floor of Congress, she’d support it. 


“He’s committed impeachment offenses,” Stefanik told the Leader. Trump and Haley also hit multiple campaign stops throughout the weekend. At a Manchester rally on Saturday, Trump attacked Haley’s base of supporters as too liberal, and argued he was the only Republican candidate who could defeat Joe Biden in November. 


Trump was also endorsed at the event by current South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, who previously served as the state’s Lieutenant Governor under Haley. 


On Sunday, Haley appeared in Derry, where Governor Chris Sununu was also present. Sununu argued that while Trump’s victory in Iowa was impressive, it was likely a result of low turnout. 


Haley attacked Trump as someone followed by chaos, and argued he had lied about her record in a number of attack ads against her in the state. Two protestors were kicked out of Haley’s event for disrupting her speech. 


On the Democratic side, incumbent President Joe Biden will not be appearing on the ballot, but national Democrats are encouraging New Hampshire voters to write in Biden’s name on Tuesday. A number of signs throughout the state could be seen encouraging primary voters to write in the President. 


Biden is being challenged by two long shot candidates in the Democratic primary. One is Minnesota Congressman Dean Philips, who has positioned himself as a younger alternative to Biden.


Biden is also being challenged by Marianne Williamson, a progressive author and a previous opponent of Biden’s in 2020. At a Manchester event Saturday, Williamson attacked the Democratic National Committee for what she claims is an attempt to try and suppress her campaign, and lock up the Democratic nomination for Biden. 


Williamson discussed a number of other proposals, from an economic bill of rights, universal healthcare, increased gun control and calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. When asked what the consequences would be if any power involved broke the ceasefire, Williamson said it wouldn’t be a matter of her administration, but rather a global issue. 


“It’s going to have to be international, and mostly led by the Arab powers,” Williamson told the Leader. The New Hampshire primary is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23. 


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