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"Read-In" at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School

By Niall Fitzgerald


The students at the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Oyster Bay got to participate in the "Pick a Reading Partner" (PARP) Read-In program last Wednesday.


The PARP program , which is being promoted by New York State, encourages parents and family members to join with the student child to do readings and organize fun activities surrounding their reading program.


For example, students across many grade levels were joined by their chosen adult reading partners as they enjoyed stories, snacks and a craft that involved the students each making their own summer visor with fun, foam stickers.


“I love the parents’ enthusiasm joining in this event that is so wonderful for the children,” said the Theodore Roosevelt School Librarian Roseann Davidson. “We have such a nice community.”


Librarian Davidson emphasized how important reading is for the children, how it expands their imagination and perspectives, and how they truly enjoy books.


PARP is a New York State PTA sponsored program and holds reading events throughout the school year to foster "a lifelong love of reading" in children.


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