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Sal Ferro Honors Local Trailblazer Charleen Francis

by Anita Schmaltz

Charleen Francis, the woman who integrated the Elwood public schools in Huntington, was honored last week by Huntington Town Councilman Sal Ferro (R), as part of his inclusive outreach during African-American History month.

Ferro called Francis and her family forward at the Town Board's February meeting, to commemorate her historic role in the making of modern Huntington. Charleen Francis and her siblings integrated the Elwood School District over 60 years ago, as the first back children enrolled in the school system.

“Charleen is someone who spent most of her life helping others while being a role model to the kids in her school and community," stated Councilman Ferro. "I wanted to make sure she knew that we wanted to make a difference in her life, the way she made a difference in Long Island.”

Francis, a retired high school guidance counselor and principal, is currently a member of the Education Committee for the Huntington Chapter of the NAACP.

“I’m so very honored to have been recognized by Councilman Sal Ferro and the Town Council," said Francis. "It will be a fond memory and continued encouragement to keep moving forward in my efforts to shine a light on the contributions of my community in the past and in the future.”


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