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Saladino: Fireman’s Field Beautification is Coming

by Meagan McCarty

Fireman’s Field is the parking area adjacent to the Oyster Bay LIRR station, and proposals have been made for decades to beautify the field.

Now, Town Supervisor Joe Saladino has secured new funding, and is calling for a the project to get moving.

“My administration is focused on improving our quality of life and these enhancements to Fireman’s Field will beautify the hamlet," stated Saladino. "All while improving the drainage and protecting the environment through storm water runoffs.”

Saladino envisions integrating Fireman's Field into the adjacent Theodore Roosevelt Park, and improving both the drainage and the use of trees and plantings to enhance both the use and attractiveness of the field.

"I am so pleased that we are working towards a greener, more environmentally friendly Fireman’s Field for local commuters and the community at large,” added Councilwoman Vicki Walsh. "It will help revitalize the area both in terms of function and aesthetics."

The Town of Oyster Bay will be looking for proposals and soliciting bids to conduct the improvements.


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