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Santos, Lafazan Trade "Tweet-War" Personal Insults

By Niall Fitzgerald

Proving that there is no honor among Grifters, Nassau Legislator Joshua Lafazan (D-Syosset) and Congressman George Santos (R-Queens) have launched a mutual "twitter-war," trading increasingly nasty and personal insults.

Lafazan opened the tweet-war with a fund raising solicitation “Donate to my campaign to get this serial liar George Santos out of the house…”

Santos tweeted-back “real like your chin…” referencing the cosmetic plastic surgery Lafazan had in 2021 when he had chin implants done to give him more of a “Dudley Do-Right” prominent chin.

“Jaw surgery…saved my life,” tweeted Lafazan pathetically, adding “I can’t wait to replace you in Congress in 2024...Please send postcards from jail…”

Lafazan was referencing the multiple criminal investigations over the fraudster Santos. The FBI is investigating Santos theft of $3,500 from a disabled US Navy veteran; a credit card fraud ring Santos' ran out of his Florida apartment, according to charges filed by his ex-roommate, a Brazilian criminal names Gustavo Trelha, and numerous fraudulent misrepresentations made by Santos on his personal and campaign financial disclosures.

But then Santos brought up Lafazan’s own involvement with criminals.

“Coming from the guy that swindled young women for political contributions and was bought and paid for by stolen money from investors SBF defrauded…” reply-tweeted Santos.

Lafazan took $700,000 in stolen money from criminal crypto-fraudster Samuel Bankman-Fried.

Lafazan is also being investigated over money-laundering “straw donor” allegations when he took $100,000 from a Centre Island financier, and then made a $160,000 “personal loan” to his failed 2022 campaign for Congress. He is also reputed to befriend much younger women and young men, to grift money from their families.

“These two fraudsters belong in handcuffs,” noted one leading north shore political operative. “It’s hard to find two more unappealing and dishonest public figures on Long Island. They are both a disgrace.”


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