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Sex Predator Home Invasion

by Niall Fitzgerald

A registered sex offender committed a brazen home invasion last week in Huntington, bursting into the family home, strangling a woman in front of her young daughter, and then running off with her purse.

Arrested is Eric Freeman, age 45, of North Bellmore. Freeman previously lived in Huntington, and "was familiar with” the neighborhood.

According to Suffolk Police, Freeman entered the unlocked front door of the family home at 11AM on July 16th, and immediately assaulted a woman who was sitting in her living room. Freeman grabbed the woman by the neck and started strangling her.

The woman’s minor daughter was nearby and started screaming. Freeman then grabbed the woman’s purse and ran out of the door. Police tracked down and arrested Freeman shortly thereafter. He is charged with second-degree burglary of a dwelling, assault-obstruction of breath, endangerment of the welfare of a child under age 17, and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Freeman was previously arrested in 2020 in Huntington for failing to register as a sex offender and having missed several of his 90-day address verification check-ins, according to police.

Under the new NYS Bail laws, Freeman was quickly released, and is now back out on the streets.


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